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Appointment Process

Currently I'm booking out 6 months which can be considered a long wait by clients.  I thought a post about the process could clear up some questions potential clients might have.There's really three parts when it comes to getting a tattoo appointment with me. It should be noted the third step is really optional based on the size and number of sessions the tattoo will require.

1. The first step is to get your project accepted. I have really dedicated clients who often get work pertaining to my interest or focus. This means that getting into the rotation can be a bit difficult. I give priority to in progress clients followed up by projects within the realm of my interests. Currently I want to work on projects that involve dinosaurs as the subject matter or bio mech tattoos.This does not mean I wont accept your idea though. I still love to tattoo flowers, nature tattoos such as bird tattoos, underwater tattoos and wildlife in general even sometimes custom script. It's best to send over a loose idea of your tattoo as sometimes a general idea can be really inspiring. 

Dinosaur Tattoo by Matt Driscoll

2. Whether you are looking to get a real school tattoo, bio mech tattoo or dinosaur tattoo we'll set up a consultation appointment. This will let us go into detail about the tattoo and let me ask specific questions. The consultation period also helps me explain my approach and develop my initial inspiration from your idea. This also will allow you to ask any questions about the process or voice any concerns. I also enjoy drawing on the skin with sharpies. This can be alarming to some as they expect to see a fully renedered drawing but the process gives me specific advantages over stencils. Some of the advantanges include creating a tattoo thats designed to flow with your body and allows me to make key adjustments with agility.

Dinosaur Sharpie Sketch

3. If you have a multiple session tattoo we'll set up dates for each sppointment. Once you are in the rotation you will get my full attention until the completion of the tattoo. I prefer to work on the tattoo once every month but if the peice is large enough I also like to book back to back sessions. If you are a first time collector that might sound really intimidating. The fact is that we'll be focusing on multiple areas of the tattoo which can make the process much easier. Either way I often do not book a back to back sessions until after the first session where I can gauge your individual skin reactions and tolerence.


I try to travel internationally and around the country so please send over your location with your idea. If you have any initial questions about things feel free to send over an email


Large Scale Updates

I've got some really dedicated clients at Off The Map Tattoo which is beyond awesome. Most of my larger tattoos can take upwards of 50-60 hours. Completing these projects can be bitter sweet as I really get to know the clients during this process. I normally like to work on exisiting projects every month, sometimes in back to back sessions. This makes getting new clients into my schedule difficult, so I'll be doing a news item focusing on getting an appointment with me soon.

This summer brings the conclusion to two of my larger projects which I'm really excited to share. I've been teasing them out on my instagram: @RaptorLazer which you can follow for almost daily updates and in progress shots. The first I wanted to showcase is a sleeve tattoo I uploaded is titled the Rake Reaper which focuses on North East elements. 

Click the teaser below to see the full tattoo and some of my other latest projects:

Fall Nature Sleeve Tattoo


Bio-Dinos Wanted!

Hard to believe Mattie D has been tattooing the masses (pun intended) here at Off the Map Tattoo in Massachusetts for an entire year already! Time sure flies when bitchin' tattoos are getting thrown down! While Matt's schedule filled up pretty quickly, I don't think we quite expected he would have to limit new clientele so soon. That being said, Matt's schedule is booking well into November and December at this point. Matt would love to be able to tattoo everyone who is a fan of his work but sadly, there just isn't enough time to spread his talent to all of the skin that wishes to wear it. UNLESS...... (insert dramatic Jurassic Park type sounds here)

Unless, you're ready for some PREHISTORIC BADASSERY! While Matt's books are pretty full he is giving a few lucky ladies and gents the opportunity to schedule in with him. The catch? 

Bio! Bio or Dinosaurs! Better yet? Both! Matt is mega stoked about his future in Bio-Dinos and if you've got a hankering for a rad bio piece (with or without the inclusion of lasers)....

If you've been keeping yourself awake at night conjuring visions of a world full of ravaging raptors and elegant long necks (again, with or without lasers but preferably with)....

Then Matt Driscoll WANTS YOU! Call, email or stop on into Off the Map Tattoo TODAY to book a FREE CONSULT to chat with Mattie and discuss your bio-Dino tattoo dreams and desires. 



Dinosaur Tattoos and an in progress tattoo.

Things are going well and I am becoming more selective with the projects I take on. No matter what I always love to do tattoos of dinosaurs. Below is a sketch of a Brochiosaurus that could make for a really cool tattoo. If you are interested feel free to message me through my contact form.

Also is a quick teaser of a sleeve I've been working on. I'll have a big upload in a couple of months when I get good pictures of all the finished up work from the winter season.

I'll be doing another update later next week with travel plans with include some time in Fort Wayne, TN. If you are looking for a custom dinosaur tattoo around Studio 13 stay tuned!


Latest Tattoos and Travel


West Coast and Johnny Cash Tattoo

I'm currently visiting the West Coast again! I'll be at Off The Map North West for the seminar extravaganza with Guy Aitchison and Jeff Gogue. If you are at home and want to check it they are providing one day free! After that I'll be heading to Analog and back home for a bit to tattoo and get work done by Biomech specialist Ron Earhart.  I've updated my tattoo galleries with a couple of fun projects that are really diverse from one another. Below you can check out a large scale realistic piece of country musicians. If you would like to book an appointment with me feel free to reach me on my contact form.

Johnny Cash Tattoo


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